What’s a No Return & No Refund Policy?
A Return and Refund Policy is exactly what If you decide to have a “No Refund, No Refund” policy for your products, for example, make it conspicuous and draft it to clearly indicate your intent. no return item of Haiti On Demand.

You can make this kind of policy as complicated or simple as it needs to be. Haiti On Demand has a system where customers request any return label and make arrangements to ship not back an item.

If your product has been cancelled, it may be because of one of the following reasons

If your order is already dispatched: Select the Request cancellation option and the item(s) will be returned to us for a refund (if the payment is already made). In case you’re still contacted for delivery, please refuse it.

  • Technical issue
  • Quality check
  • Operational issue at vendor’s end

We apologize for the inconvenience you had to face. Please do not place an order for the same product even if it is visible on the website or App as the issue might still not have been resolved. You can choose from similar products and place a new order.

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